Soulfood & Music Experience?

16/8 – 23/8 (2024)
11/4 – 16-4 (2025)

VIVA LA VIDA, Soulfood & Music Experience
16/8 23/8 (2024)   &  11/4 16/4 (2025)

Relax this summer and be welcomed by Miek & Ray. They take you along and let you experience all the senses again. Ray is a singer songwriter, writes for well-known artists and, among other things, performed on the largest stage in the Netherlands in 2010. The Voice of Holland was an experience that brought Ray even closer to himself. Together with his lovely wife they form a strong loving team. Miek has been able to help so many people’s hearts in recent years through her position as a Holistic Therapist. With attention and love for her clients. 

                                                                      SOULFOOD & MUSIC   

Not so long ago we emigrated to the South of Spain because we felt that life is about more than just hard work. We took the step to work even more with our hearts. Not only for others, but now also to do more for ourselves. Maybe you also play with this thought sometimes. We would like to tell you about what it is like to take such a big step. We love life as it is meant to be. We love nature very much. Nature slows us down and stills us and therefore brings us closer to who we really are, allowing us to better tune into what really moves us.

We would like to take you on an experience in which we will prepare delicious dishes for you every day. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are arranged for you. Don’t have to do anything for a while. The days are alternated with a number of activities that we really enjoy, such as: horse riding, walking, swimming, singing, playing the guitar or just listen to music. You can expect music performances at the dining table. Always wanted to learn to play the guitar? Ray makes time for you to teach you the first grips so that you can expand this further. Never too late to learn! In between there is room for good conversations and wonderful relaxing massages by Margreet and… of course there is the swimming pool for cooling off.

We start the day in silence on our beautiful platform where we greet the sun and possibly express intentions for ourselves. This is a great moment for us, but everyone is of course free to move as they wish. The last day we organise a concert on our platform for you with some special guests.

We love to meet you at our magical place! Oh and if so, please let us know what you’re favourite songs are!

Miek & Ray

Ready for a Viva La Vida experience?

We are really looking forward to meeting you (again) in one of these weeks!

It would be great if you could join us. We’d love to see you at Finca Pura Vida! If you’d like to book directly or need more information, please call us at:

+31 6 41770830 (Ray) or email at

With love, Tribu del Alma: Felix, Danielle, Miek and Ray

Optional program

08.30 uur            – Welcome Sunrise Music & Sharing

09.30 uur            – Breakfast

10.30 uur            – Hike 

14.00 uur            – Lunch

15.00 uur            – Massages (2 people)

15.00 uur            – Guitar Workshop / Me time

17.00 uur            – Happy Hour at the pool

20.00 uur            – Diner & Music

What you need to know:

Prices are including breakfast, lunch, diner, hikes, guitarworkshops.

Not included: travel expenses, alcohol, horse riding, insurance, personal photoshoot, massages 

VIVA LA VIDA week | August 2024

  • Arrival: Aug 16th 03.00 PM
  • Departure: Aug 23th 11.00 AM

VIVA LA VIDA week | April 2025

  • Arrival: April 11th 03.00 PM
  • Departure: April 16th 11.00 AM


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