Reviews | What people say about……

Reviews | What people say about…

Review Zijnsvakantie | Carel Swaegerman

I could let go of everything from the Netherlands here. Incredibly beautiful! The vultures fly over here. I chose the Being Week because of the unstructured program. Organize it the way you want it. Just nice to see what we needed.


Review Painting Week | Jacobien Koopmans

‘So beautiful, so peaceful…here you experience real silence’. “Some shutters have been opened here!”



Review Painters Week | Inge Janssens

Truly a magical place. Good vibe! Super cared for and very pampered. Enjoy a dip in the pool. And also being involved in nature and art. Each in his own way. I would say GO!!


Review | Wineke

Danielle en Wineke in gesprek over
Yoga, Mindfulness & Ayurveda. They know each other from before. Listen to their desires and what moves Wineke, why she does what she does. She also talks about her book.