The Healing Journey

22 t/m 26 jan | 2 t/m 6 apr | 5 t/m 9 aug | 4 t/m 9 nov

The Healing Journey

This retreat is for you when you feel a need for healing or want to come deeper into your essence. This retreat is small-scale, so there is a lot of personal attention. In a safe environment we bring body, mind and soul together through our program with bodywork and plant medicines. Together we create a rich environment for personal self-exploration.

The Goal? Looking at, feeling through and clearing your blockages. To free you from everything that prevents you from fully living your life.

What makes this retreat unique is that it uses bodywork in combination with plant medicine ceremonies that together are the golden combination for inner healing, relief from physical complaints and reestablishing contact between you, your body and mind.

More information about the plant medicine is at the bottom of the page.

This week’s guidance consists of a team of four experienced guides/therapists/lightworkers/bodyworkers. Miek, Ray, Bob and Kiki. With love and strength they are each able to assist you in your deepest vulnerability and guide you through this powerful process.

’Healing isn’t a destination we reach where we’re perfect and at peace all the time. Healing is a journey that involves accepting and embracing ourselves as we break, as we heal and as we reconstruct’

-Najwa Zebian-

Where & When

22 t/m 26 jan | 2 t/m 6 apr | 5 t/m 9 aug | 4 t/m 9 nov

These retreats are taking place on our magical place: Finca Pura Vida in Spanje.


What to expect:

  • Two plant medicine ceremonies in our beautiful
    ceremony room or our magical ceremony tent.
  • Body interventions
  • Guided meditations
  • Sharings
  • Integration interventions
  • Walks
  • Healthy food and drink
  • Experienced guidance (therapists and a nurse
    present during the ceremonies)



  • Food and drink during the retreat
  • All ceremonies and activities
  • Nice two-person bedrooms with their own or
    shared bathroom (arrangement in order of registration)
  • Use of swimming pool and materials


  • Early-book discount prices are bookings before July 1, 2023.
    The investment in yourself is €1550 per person (you share your room with another participant)

    If you come as a couple, you pay €1450 per person (Then you have a double room for two)

    The price of the retreat includes accommodation, breakfast, lunch, dinner (taking into account the ceremonies), all activities, ceremonies and facilities of the premises. Only your flight, and transport to the accommodation are not included. Reiki sessions and massages are also offered, these must be paid in cash on location.

    Don’t forget your cancellation and travel insurance!


Subscribe by sending an email to:

Please write down wich date you tend to come: Subscribing healing retraite 2024 (month?)

In the e-mail you state your name and at which e-mail address we can reach you. After you sign up you will receive a questionnaire from us with questions that gives us information about whether our retreat is safe for you, this is also reviewed by a nurse or a doctor. Your information will be treated confidentially. So it is in the interest of your and our safety to answer the questions honestly. If the answers do not correspond to the truth, we are not responsible for the consequences. When this questionnaire has been viewed and it is safe for you to participate, you will receive a confirmation email from us with all the information you need regarding payment, preparation, etc. And we wish you a warm welcome to our beautiful retreat!

Maximum number of participants

We have place/room for 6 participants, with four participants we will let this retreat continue. It is an exclusive retreat with a lot of personal attention

More information or questions?

Send a mail to:

Vermeld in het onderwerp: Vraag healing retraite 2023 of Informatie healing retraite 2024

In the e-mail you state your name, your question and at which e-mail address we can reach you to answer your question or to send our information by e-mail.

Would you rather ask your question by telephone or via video calling? That is also possible, mention this in the email with the telephone number where we can reach you or times that suit you for a Zoom call with one of the retreat supervisors.

Let me introduce myself

Hello there! My name is Bob and I work as a bodyworker with a passion for liberating deeper connective tissue through bodywork. In addition, I am also involved in supporting various ceremonies and I have a background in breathwork.

With my knowledge of the human body and my holistic approach to blockages, I can help you activate your inner energy and unlock your natural healing abilities. I am deeply passionate about supporting others in their journey of self-discovery and inner healing, and I am ready to guide you on your own path to balance and well-being.

I work in an empathetic and caring way and will be happy to guide you in finding your own way to inner peace and transformation. I look forward to welcoming you to our retreat soon and supporting you on your journey to inner growth and well-being.

Yours sincerely,


Safety first

The higher available amount of DMT, the active substance in ayahuasca, can be dangerous for people who have previously experienced psychosis or cardiovascular disease. If this is the case with you, we advise you not to participate in this retreat, but we advise you to look at one of the other retreats that are offered in this beautiful place.

[1] Entheogen means “coming from the god within us”. It is an adjective used for medicines with psychoactive substances that are used in a religious, spiritual or healing context.