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Ray Klaassen

Ray Klaassen

It always remains a bit complicated to explain in a nutshell who you are. I try not to make an elevator pitch out of it because it no longer resonates for me at all. Who you are is who you find at that moment with everything you carry with you of experiences. Now if I explain that very simply, I feel all Ray like I used to be when life wasn’t trying to catch me yet. The most pure Ray! And now it feels more like mash 😉 No kidding. Sometimes it is also peeling off again. In any case, I am a sensitive person who is open to development. Also for a change, although I don’t want that too often. Am also a creature of habit but life is full of surprises and beautiful things not to take on the adventure. It can be very dynamic. My calm nature ensures that I can be a good listening ear for people. In the past thirty years I have been able to enter many stages from living room to the largest stage such as The Voice of Holland. As an artist/songwriter, in addition to my childhood dream, I have always felt the mission to bring people closer to themselves. Later I ended up in Jeroen van Inkel’s morning show on National radio, where I wrote and sang custom songs, live on radio. Once I said goodbye to radio, I opted completely for music. My father told me on his deathbed to follow my heart. It turned out to be my free pass for which I am still grateful to him and myself to this day.

The C-crisis brought new growth because it touched me so much how much distance there was between people. Fortunately, the bond with my guitar became even stronger and I came into action at people’s homes. I felt like a kind of Robin Hood, the singing Robert ten Brink or whatever you want to call it. It couldn’t be more meaningful. This so touched my mission. Fortunately, I was able and allowed to build bridges between the people at the front door through a song.

Music is then a great healer. Been to me too. And yet. I can now use these tools further in our retreat together with our dear friends. I cordially invite you if you feel a call. Don’t be afraid of the unknown and be surprised by not knowing with destination unknown. Together with my dear wife Miek and friends Danielle and Felix, we look forward to getting to know you in the process that may present itself to you.

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Ray Klaassen