Meet the tribe

On February 19, 2022, we visited this magical place. What power, what love, what magic! We immediately felt the potential, the doorway to something greater. But our minds had their own thoughts… Too big, too expensive, not meant for us, and many obstacles in the way. On February 22, 2022, at 22:22, we wrote down our intention to manifest Pura Vida, the name of the place and house, even though we didn’t have the means. We listened to a deep resonating feeling inside. Despite only experiencing and seeing the place once, we knew there was a connection between Pura Vida and us.

We always thought we would end up in France… A place with a view and half an hour from the sea. Everything matched, except for the country… 5 days later, unexpected help came from an unexpected source, and we were able to make an offer. On March 2, 2022, we found out that our offer was accepted… What a beautiful birthday gift for Ray Klaassen’s 50th birthday! It was incredibly exciting because alongside the euphoria, our minds were working overtime out of fear. Building inspections, applying for social security numbers, waiting for the right documents from the selling party regarding an inheritance… nothing could stop the manifestation. It was meant to be. On June 17, we signed the contract, and this place became connected to us.

Now, we manifest that as many people as possible may come here to transition from their minds to their hearts. Pura Vida is a gateway, a place where anyone who feels called may participate in or host retreats. We believe in the healing power of the group, the Tribe… where everyone is reflected in the deeper layers. “It takes a village to raise a child” speaks to these soul mirrors. In Spanish, Soul Tribe is “Tribu del Alma.” We have chosen this name for a reason, to encompass all the activities that will take place here.

If you feel called to organize your own week on this property, which can accommodate a maximum of 12 people in shared double rooms, please contact us. We are already filling up the schedule for 2023.

Love from us, the Tribu del Alma team

Location: Google maps: Tribu del Alma

Danielle Jaspers

Felix van der Wissel

Annemieke Klaassen

Ray Klaassen