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Daniëlle Jaspers

Daniëlle Jaspers


Feeling is an art, just like being & playing

As you can see below, I often paint large and from movement. I follow the wisdom of my body and my higher self in the painting process. I believe that everyone is creative. Some people have more talent than others, but in the end it’s mainly about the pleasure you can have in the creative process. Allowing yourself to fully unlock is still quite a challenge for many of us. It often has to comply with something, but we don’t know who exactly. It is quite an art to be able to experience, feel and be able to be with everything in yourself. Without judgment. Most of us have become human doings instead of human beings. I also often find it difficult to be normal. I am a real multi passionate manifesting generator and can give a lot of energy to various activities. My less purposeful feminine side is growing and works completely different from my masculine energy. I think it’s a magical process to work with people who want to live their full potential and increasingly dare to stand for who they really are. Painting and moving about that and with it is one of my biggest dreams and passions.

Spontaneous, warm heart, powerful, sweet, earth, fire, playful, a bit chaotic, intuitive, highly sensitive, impulsive, energetic, vulnerable, inquisitive and open minded. Oh yes and creative of course. That’s what I get back from people who know me.

I have a passion for intuitive painting, inner development, energy work, art, colors, creative expression, music, shamanism and dancing. From these passions I live and I give creative trips, workshops, courses and I coach you. As an independent artist, teacher, trainer and artistic dynamic coach.

I do that in Amerongen in my studio, in France and now especially in our magical place finca Pura Vida, where you will immediately feel at home. Nice to slow down and break free from everything that needs to be done and what is expected of you. Enjoy the here and now. Think about who you are in essence, what your motivations are and what you wish for yourself in your life. As soon as the weather permits, we work outside in the garden, where there is room to find the truth within yourself and where your creativity can flow freely.

After my study Communication Science at the UvA, I worked as a communication consultant for 13 years. Then after a short crisis in 2004 I followed my heart, quit my job and started painting again. Initially for myself and with children. I guided them in imagining their fantasy. Secondly for adults to use painting as a means of personal development and growth. Since the end of 2004 I have been working as an independent visual artist and trainer in the field of communication, transformation, awareness and inner development.

In June 2013 I started my practice & studio for artistic coaching. From 2015-2020 I also worked as a teacher at the Kleine Tiki, school for art and inner development. Since July 2020 I have my own gallery in Amerongen and from there I sell my paintings and gemstones.

I am particularly intrigued by what creative expression can mean for people. You get to know yourself and others much better. Above all, it can have a healing effect, both mentally and physically, socially, emotionally and energetically. When I realized that, I wanted to train in it.

From 2011-2014 I followed the Artistic Dynamic Coaching & Counseling training de Kleine Tiki, school for artistic and inner development, in Breda. Since that time I have used multiple creative tools to guide personal development processes. In 2012 and 2013 I became acquainted with the Healing Journey method from Brandon Bays and I followed the year training in 2014 Women’s Way. A special training in female leadership and discovering your true self in order to be able to live your full potential in freedom.

I was particularly touched by the body-oriented exercises that brought me into contact with the self-healing capacity of my own body, my inner knowing, intuition and higher self. I like to integrate this wisdom and experience into my work.

As the child of parents who were born in the second world war, being with what you feel and talking about it at home was not done. That is quite difficult for a highly sensitive person like me. I soon learned to push away from everything, keeping my cheeky mouth was difficult, I developed allergies and suffered from shortness of breath. From my 30th and after having 2 beautiful children, Pepijn and Lara, my search for the self-healing capacity of myself started from a holistic perspective; everything and everyone is connected.

In recent years I have been more involved with shamanism, rituals and healing art. In 2019 I went on Vision Quest led by Bart Wiegers and Hermine Schoneveld in which I came home to myself, the inner child in me, my ancestors, pacha mama and the great knowledge. The message I took back was:


Those words brought me to a new phase in my life in which I really felt and looked at everything that wanted to come to the surface. My body is there in my greatest counselor. She often moves subtly and transforms, while my head really can’t reach it and doesn’t know what it’s about. I follow my body completely and trust its wisdom.

I was also called by various plant medicines with which I traveled to the depths of my soul and our existence. Upper-Lower and In-between World.
It has expanded my consciousness and given me a lot of healing and confidence. Especially the love for myself and the way in which I can create from my second chakra is something that can still touch me. I am regularly reminded of the acquired knowledge.

The relationships with my husband and children have entered a totally new phase in which we regard and approach each other as equal souls. I feel a grateful person for these special connections. In de tussentijd van 2021 werden mijn dochter en ik geleid naar een prachtige retraite in Spanje over soul based leadership. An incredibly connecting adventure, where we found safety in our bodies, our creative sexual and sensual energy was awakened, the wild primordial woman in us emerged, we embraced light and dark, masculine, feminine and divine. We with 36 other women sang, danced, meditated, screamed and hugged. Together we travel on to unknown paths, senang with not-knowing. On the way to a new earth and the love that we all are in essence. I have now been teaching colorful weeks of intuitive painting and creative retreats for over 11 years, in France and Portugal. From now on also in beautiful Andalusia.

With Tribu del Alma we want to open a gate to everyone who in this intense time needs transformation into an earthly safe bed. For those who want to carry themselves and each other in love. Through the game and the power of creation and movement I inspire you to rediscover yourself and I let you connect to the call of your soul.

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