Finca Pura Vida

Enjoy this unique power spot with a dazzling view and listen to the deafening silence….

Finca Pura Vida

And then you’re there! The gate of Finca Pura Vida is open for you. The driveway leads you through a hedge of Oleanders to the place where you can be a guest for a period. You’ve been looking forward to it for a long time. The photos flash through your mind, which you have seen on the website. And then you turn the corner and there it is bigger than you expected and quieter.

De Casa (het hoofdhuis)

In front of you the beautiful large solid old wooden front door. The hall with the handmade wooden doors to several bedrooms and the bathroom. Right down the stairs to the open dining room where there is a large dining table, which is mainly used in winter, but now often serves as a place to sit for a while to read or write. The main house has a spacious kitchen and utility room where all delicious dishes are prepared. From the open kitchen you look at the relaxed living room, which is a bit lower. The green lounge sofa invites you to enjoy lounging. In colder weather you can warm up here in front of the fireplace. The spacious living room has French doors all around to the cozy screened terraces.

Wake up nicely with a cup of tea or your cappuccino in the morning sun. On the lovely outdoor lounge sofa with a view of the swaying palm trees and the vast landscapes to the horizon. In the morning, when the wind has not yet picked up, and in the evening when the wind has died down, you can hear the enormous silence. It almost makes you whisper.

The various cozy seating areas around the Finca offer you the safe feeling you are looking for, when you want to retreat for a while, or just to have a personal conversation. IMG_2015 Delicious meals are served here. longer with perhaps a musical intermezzo by Ray.

2 bedrooms are located on the ground floor in the hallway where you entered the main house. These 2 bedrooms are separated by the spacious communal bathroom with bath.

The third bedroom is located on the first floor. You reach the landing via the stairs in the hall. You also enter this bedroom through a beautiful wood-decorated door. This is the old “main bedroom”. This spacious bedroom has its own bathroom with toilet. You can easily store your clothes in the large wardrobes and in the wardrobe

The view from this room is unbelievable. From your bed you look out over the valley. The patio doors lead to the spacious roof terrace. The view is spectacular. On a clear day you can see the peaks of Gibraltar with the contours of Morocco behind it.

De Casa Pequeña

Through the parking lot you walk along the path to the front door of The Little House, called Casa Pequeña in Spanish. The ceremony room is located behind the front door of La Casa Pequeña. A large space where you can follow the workshops in bad weather, which is rare. It is a wonderful space for all kinds of rituals and activities such as Yoga and meditations.

The French doors give the ceremony space sufficient light as well as the 2 large windows located on the South. The Ceremony room has a window that connects to the covered dining terrace of the main house. The warm ocher-yellow color of the back wall of the ceremony room goes well with the screed floor and gives the ceremony room the warmth you would expect from such a room.

A wood-burning stove provides sufficient heat for the winter months when temperatures approach 10 degrees in the morning and evening. The patio doors open onto Casa Pequeña’s private terrace.

Through the ceremony room it is also possible to go to the 2 bedrooms. On the ground floor is a bedroom with a separate bathroom in the hallway. The washing machine is also located in this bathroom.

The second bedroom is on the first floor. This bedroom is closed with a sliding door after which you go up the stairs. This bedroom again offers a beautiful view over the valley. The bathroom area, like the other bathrooms, is in Andalusian style and has a spacious shower and a separate toilet.

Like the other bedrooms, there is ample opportunity to hang clothes in the wardrobe, or to put them in the separate chest of drawers.

La Piscina

You’ve just put all your things in your room, grabbed the laid-out bath towel, and then you walk from the house across the grass to the natural stone stairs. You walk down the stairs and see the blue water and the swaying palm trees, which surround the organically shaped pool. The brown-red color of the African swimming pool house, with the typical African drawing on the wall, welcomes you in all cheerfulness. You throw your towel on one of the inviting sunbeds and you walk down the steps of the pool. The cooling water embraces your body. Enjoy this gift for yourself!

This power place is unique with a dazzling view and the deafening silence. Take your time to absorb all of this. It feels like coming home after a long journey. Relax at the lovely swimming pool, which, due to its organic shape and tall palm trees, gives you the feeling of having arrived at an oasis.

The many cozy seats offer you enough space to withdraw together or alone for a nice conversation or to land in peace in yourself. Finca Pura Vida is located between the white villages of Gaucin and San Pablo de Buceite. The area is known as one of the most beautiful hiking areas in Europe.