Artists in Residence

For musicians, writers, artistic and creative souls who desperately need more time to create in their lifes



Imagine being able to spend a whole week playing and creating. For your new ideas, your new book, a new series of paintings or a piece of music. Delicious. Plenty of time and space because you will be taken care of with delicious food all day long. So you don’t have to worry about that. We go into creation with a great group of like-minded people. You carry yourself and your creation process.

Every morning we start at 8.30 with meditation and body work. We set our intention and then we have a nice breakfast. The day is then up to you to plan yourself. At the end of the day we share with the talking stick. You can share from yourself where you stand in your process. We listen to each other without judgment and without reacting to each other. Furthermore, there is room to do what we like. Swimming, walking, singing, having fun… time is ours.

Why do I organize an artist in residence? Since 2011 I have been organizing painting weeks of intuitive painting in France, creative retreats in Portugal and Spain and since last year I have noticed that I feel so much inspiration during those weeks that I also want to paint myself.

Don’t just watch how others create, but participate. Not always concerned with the process of others, but also going into depth myself. I started that experiment last year here in Andalusia and it went so well that I want to do it more often. So I don’t teach, I’m working on my own creations just like you.

And therefore wonderful to share with others and to lift each other to a higher consciousness. We inspire each other. We share knowledge and together we make tangible everything that was already present in the energy in our entire being before we went on artist in residence. Are you participating?

It is so much fun to be in this proces together with other creatives, I wish it to be true for at least 6 weeks in a year!

2 in winter, 2 in spring, 1 in summer and 1 in autumn. So soon me and Ray will be planning the next 5 also. You can subscribe for at least 2 times to ensure your possible participation. But offcourse it is also possible to join in once.

There is only room for 10 artists! Artists * musicians in residence in Andalucia @tribudelalma

Investment: €850 (luxurious Bell tent)/€995 (2 double room)/€1695 (single room) per person for:

  • ❤ 7 days, 7 nights’ accomodation
  • ❤ 3 delicious healthy meals per day (one day we lunch elsewhere, which is at your own expense)
  • ❤ all non-alcoholic beverages
  • ❤ 6 moring sessions 
  • ❤ 1 cacao ceremony with live music
  • ❤ 6 morning sessions with meditatons, bodywork and sharings
  • ❤ silent walk to a magical place

€ 850: 1 of the 4 sleeping spots in a glamping tent of 6x6m

€ 995: double room ……………… come together/book with a friend/college/partner: €925 per person.

€ 1695: single room

Excluded: travel expenses, 1x lunch, alcohol



The price of the retreat does not include flights. Finca Pura Vida is located in Gaucin, a 1.5-hour drive from Malaga airport.

We can arrange a taxi to Finca Pura Vida for you, which you can share with other participants (max 4 in 1 taxi, cost 130 euros per trip, so 33 euros per participant).

Or, for more than 8 people, we are more than happy to arrange a minibus that everyone can ride in simultaneously. This costs 60-80 euros.

There is space for a maximum of 10 guests.

Arrival: August 30th from 3 pm
Departure: September 6th around 10 am

Flight Advice:

Take an early morning flight, departing no later than 10 am, so you’ll arrive around 3 pm with us. Vueling, Easyjet, Ryanair, and Transavia offer affordable flights. Search for them using a ‘private browsing’ window in Google Flights and reject all cookies etc. Bookings are often made through Lastminute, e-Dreams, etc. which can sometimes save you a lot, up to 200 euros! Or search via Skyscanner.

Malaga is a beautiful city to spend 1-2 days in, so it might be interesting for you to fly a day earlier (which can be cheaper) or return later.


€ 1.695 per person for a single room

€ 995 per person for a double room/€ 925 if you book together and share a room

If you share a wonderfully furnished Bell tent with regular beds, it’s €850 per person.

This includes 7 nights’ accommodation at Finca Pura Vida, 3 delicious healthy meals per day, water, coffee, tea, juice, fruit, all workshops, and materials.

Consumptions outside of Finca Pura Vida, such as lunch on the day we go out, are at your own expense.

It does not include travel expenses.

If you want to book directly or need more information, call Danielle at: 0031653867953 or sign up via the form below.

You will receive an invoice for payment (online payment is not yet available).

Danielle & Ray

This retreat is for you if:

  • If you need time to be creative;
  • If you want to put your own desire at number 1;
  • If you need new energy & inspiration;
  • If you feel it’s time for you and you want to deepen the connection with your artistic self;
  • If you want to connect with nature and other musicians, writers, artists;
  • If you are willing to experience others as equal souls;
  • If you’re in the mood for a tribe feeling; making music together and sharing fun and showing yourself.



Yess, I am in!

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Example daily schedule:

  • 08.00 – 09.30 am:
  • meditation/breathwork/bodywork
  • 09.30 – 10.30 am: Breakfast
  • 10.30 – 01.00 pm: Just be/walking
  • 01.00 – 02.00 pm: Lunch
  • 02.00 – 05.30 pm: Just be/massage
  • 05.30 – 07.30 pm: Breathwork/bodywork & sharing
  • 07.30 – 08.00 pm: Just be
  • 08.00 – 09.30 pm: Diner

Your Retreat Facilitators

Ray Klaassen: musician and sing a song writer.

It always remains a bit complicated to explain in a nutshell who you are. I try not to make an elevator pitch out of it because it no longer resonates for me at all. Who you are is who you find at that moment with everything you carry with you of experiences. Now if I explain that very simply, I feel all Ray like I used to be when life wasn’t trying to catch me yet. The most pure Ray! And now it feels more like mash 😉 No kidding.

Sometimes it is also peeling off again. In any case, I am a sensitive person who is open to development. Also for a change, although I don’t want that too often. Am also a creature of habit but life is full of surprises and beautiful things not to take on the adventure. It can be very dynamic. My calm nature ensures that I can be a good listening ear for people. In the past thirty years I have been able to enter many stages from living room to the largest stage such as The Voice of Holland. As an artist/songwriter, in addition to my childhood dream, I have always felt the mission to bring people closer to themselves. Later I ended up in Jeroen van Inkel’s morning show on National radio, where I wrote and sang custom songs, live on radio. Once I said goodbye to radio, I opted completely for music. My father told me on his deathbed to follow my heart. It turned out to be my free pass for which I am still grateful to him and myself to this day.

The C-crisis brought new growth because it touched me so much how much distance there was between people. Fortunately, the bond with my guitar became even stronger and I came into action at people’s homes. I felt like a kind of Robin Hood, the singing Cupido or whatever you want to call it. It couldn’t be more meaningful. This so touched my mission. Fortunately, I was able and allowed to build bridges between the people at the front door through a song.

Music is then a great healer. Been to me too. And yet. I can now use these tools further in our retreat together with our dear friends. I cordially invite you if you feel a call. Don’t be afraid of the unknown and be surprised by not knowing with destination unknown. Together with my dear wife Miek and friends Danielle and Felix, we look forward to getting to know you in the process that may present itself to you.

Daniëlle Jaspers (artist, artistic dynamic coach and retreat leader: “Shadow and light are two sides of the same coin for me. I take that with me in my work, where everything ultimately revolves around living in love with yourself and the other. I learn through creation. I am creation. And I have a firm belief that we all are.

I love creating paintings by intuition, but I have a challenge in finding time to do so! You are too?

Through my passions for intuitive painting, inner development, energy work, music, shamanism, bodywork and dance, I free myself from layers that no longer serve me. And I help others to do the same in the retreats I give.

I have been sharing my passions with my family for years and together we heal old pain and obstructive patterns from our family line in order to be able to live in freedom. That is sometimes hard work, but also intensely beautiful and living in connection. We don’t shy away from anything together and experience each other as equals on a deep soul level. I always say that my children are my greatest teachers.This new generation of children will bring so many beautiful things! I want everyone to experience that. A blessing for the soul.”

I have been working with women since 2013 and give women’s circles and retreats specifically for women to embody all that we carry in terms of authentic wisdom. When you are with me, everything there is to feel wants to be experienced. Women need something slightly different than men in order to delve into feeling. I would like to make that journey with you. If you want to know more about my background, take a look at Meet the Tribe. Danielle Jaspers – Tribu Del Alma